China's Golden Week 2023: A Glimmer of Economic Recovery
October 13, 2023
China Golden Week 2023

China Golden Week 2023



In October 2023, China’s Golden Week holiday not only marked a significant return to normalcy but served as a signal of the country’s economic recovery. The annual holiday, which commemorates the founding of the People’s Republic of China, displayed a glimmer of China’s resilience in the face of daunting challenges. As the cloud of the pandemic begins to lift, the week-long celebration showcased signs of an economic rebound, with a major surge in consumption.

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Trends and statistics in Travel and consumption

The Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays in China have seen a significant increase in travel activities, driven by various factors including family reunions, cultural events, and travel associated with the Asian Games hosted in Hangzhou.

During the holiday period, domestic tourism revenue exceeded 753 billion yuan ($103.14 billion), which marks a substantial 129.5% increase from the previous year and a 1.5% rise from 2019 levels, as estimated by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

After experiencing various restrictive measures in the previous 3 years, Chinese citizens have enthusiastically embraced this extended holiday period, with the number of domestic tourism trips reaching 826 million, representing a substantial 71.3% increase from the previous year and a noteworthy 4.1% increase from 2019. An important trend for 2023 is the continued rebound in tourism demand, with the number of domestic tourist trips during the first half of the year increasing by 63.9 percent compared to the previous year.

This change in preferences underscores the evolving consumer perspective on travel, with more people recognizing it as a significant form of consumption that enhances their quality of life. The extended 8-day National Day holiday provides a significant window of time for people to embark on extended leisure trips, aligning with evolving consumer mindset that prioritizes enriching travel and leisurely experiences.

Economic Impact of Golden Week – Signs of Recovery

With consumer spending falling short of expectation since the start of the year, China’s Golden Week in 2023 has emerged as a powerful catalyst for the nation’s economic recovery and instigated the resurgence of consumer spending.

Key statistics reveal substantial post-epidemic growth, with the consumption rebound during the holiday period having surpassed 2019 levels, signifying a much need boost to recovery. Despite continued economic pressure, some experts within China maintain an optimistic outlook and allude to expectations of a complete economic recovery by the end of 2023. However, many experts argue that even if recovery were to occur fast, it would only be seen in the following year.

Despite continued economic pressure, some experts within China maintain an optimistic outlook and allude to expectations of a complete economic recovery by the end of 2023. However, many experts argue that even if recovery were to occur fast, it would only be seen in the following year.

There are also additional indicators of recovery, such as the positive shift in China’s official manufacturing purchasing managers’ index, which remained strong in September and has been on the rise for the past 4 consecutive months.

Global Implications and Impact on Foreign Enterprises

The resurgence seen during the Golden Week in China this year has an impact on global business, especially for foreign enterprises conducting business in China. The signs of economic recovery, coupled with increased consumer spending and a flourishing domestic tourism sector, alludes to the re-emergence of China’s consumer market.

For foreign companies with a global context in mind, this signifies a renewed opportunity for expansion and growth. The revitalization of trade and a surge in domestic demand present encouraging signs for international businesses looking to expand their presence in China. For businesses who are hesitant to start or expand their presence, if a full economic recovery does occur in the next few months, they may find themselves lagging behind those who took on the risk and see the opportunity.

As the Chinese consumer market continues to rebound, businesses are reminded of the attractive opportunity and potential that has been hard to ignore over the past 2 decades. China’s government has also made commitments to encourage private investment and implemented policy changes, such as the extension of favorable tax policies, to ensure the private sector can operate with more incentive and freedom.

Consequently, foreign enterprises are poised to benefit from the recovery experienced during Golden Week, finding a more favorable environment for their operations and market expansion in China. This sustained economic resurgence not only contributes to the global economic landscape but also reaffirms China’s pivotal role in the world market.

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China Golden Week 2023



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