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Accounting & Tax Filing

The rapid pace of regulatory changes and emerging market trends require extensive experience from local accountants and tax specialists.  Our accounting team understands the complexities involved in keeping our clients’ accounting practices compliant through accurate bookkeeping and transparent financial reporting. Simultaneously, the fast pace of tax reforms makes it often challenging for foreign companies to navigate in the Chinese tax landscape and stay up to date with the regulations. Our tax experts have a deep understanding of local tax regulations as well as in depth industry knowledge and experience.
At Moore, our accounting and tax services team take an integrated approach to help your finance departments manage tax accounting-related risks and create value for your organization by introducing optimized financial processes.  We alleviate administrative burden, ensure full compliance while providing our clients access to qualified China CPAs, licensed tax advisors and -accountants.
Our full range of integrated accounting and tax compliance services include:

Accounting Services
Companies are required to maintain a reliable record of accounts and submit monthly financial statements according to Chinese accountings standards (PRC GAAP). Maintaining full compliance with the different accounting standards can pose a challenge and administrative burden for foreign businesses. To alleviate the administrative burden, we support with day-to-day booking activities, monthly accounting, preparation of financial reporting and provide advice on Chinese accounting policies. Moreover, we can customize our offering to fit all your requirements with additional services including banking & treasury, handling inward and outward international payments, custody of company chops, VAT invoicing and expense reimbursements.
Tax Filing
Companies are required to meet their tax obligations and complete monthly filings. With the ever-changing Chinese regulatory tax environment, a thorough understanding of the local tax regulations is essential to operate your business and minimize tax related non-compliance risks. We support foreign businesses to manage the whole process, from monthly tax filings, corporate income tax calculation, export VAT refunds, to annual income tax return and transfer pricing obligations.
Companies operating in China must understand the core differences between the Chinese accounting standards (PRC GAAP) and international accepted accounting standards such as IFRS. Our team consisting of qualified tax advisors and CPA support our clients to help them understand the accounting and finances of their Chinese subsidiary. These support services include converting Chinese financial statements according to group reporting standards as well as conversion of annual audit reports to bilingual reports and into the accounting standards applicable to your home country. When your company is subject to auditing, we also provide a full range of audit support service to ensure compliance and minimize risks.