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Corporate Restructuring

After the establishment of a Chinese subsidiary, the investors may have various reasons to make changes to the company structure or to alter the structural details of the company’s registration. Whereas some corporate restructuring projects are characterized by a high degree of complexity, our corporate restructuring services include advisory on the company’s structure and organization from an international perspective as well as administrative support and execution of all relevant applications with Chinese authorities and institutions.

Our corporate restructuring offering includes among others the following:

  • Changes to the registered personnel of a Chinese subsidiary, including changes in Director(s), Legal Representative, General Manager or Supervisor.
  • Updating or altering of the company’s business scope.
  • A company relocation of change in registered address, including changes in registered address within the same tax district, changes of address to another tax district, or inter-city or inter-provincial relocations.
  • Support with obtention of an Environmental Impact Assessment (required for establishment or relocation of manufacturing companies).
  • Increase of registered capital of a Chinese subsidiary.
  • Decrease of registered capital of a Chinese subsidiary and subsequent repatriation of funds to shareholder.
  • The direct or indirect transfer of shares from a Chinese subsidiary.
  • Other changes to the shareholder’s information, including change of name or change in signatories.
  • Support and advisory concerning the obtention of legalized documents from home country.
  • Internal process improvement and financial-, strategic- or operational turnaround.

Since possible alterations to the structural details of a Chinese subsidiary are plentiful and restructuring of Chinese business operations can vary widely in purpose and approach, please do not hesitate to contact our experts for an enquiry for personalized support.