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ERP Implementation & Online Access Accounting

A major challenge for foreign companies scaling-up in China is the availability of timely-, accurate- and relevant information regarding their operations in China.

Information regarding sales/purchase orders, accounting and taxation, payroll, cashflow and bank statements as well as authorization management seems often unavailable and complicated for SMEs. Our ERP solution and our licensed international access to our ERP has been specifically designed to address the needs of these companies.

ERP Solutions for SMEs
Foreign-invested enterprises, and SME’s in particular, who are scaling up in China and increase their operations face operational challenges as their business processes become more complex. At the same time, these companies outgrow their existing tools and software resulting in difficulties in terms of handling increased sales and growing workforce while also encountering limitations in terms of group compliance and data transparency.

Our ERP solution is specifically designed for SME´s to overcome the aforementioned challenges and focuses on the needs of small- and medium sized businesses operating in China. It is both cost-efficient to implement and operate and can be customized according to the precise business needs of the group.

An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is uniquely designed to facilitate company growth by structuring all internal and external business processes to ready the company for the next phase in their China operations.

International access to Accounting/ERP
CEOs, CFOs and Business owners abroad face similar challenges in respect of their Chinese entity, namely how to receive information that is:

How to get Accurate-, Correct-, Complete- and Real-time Information?

With our unique ERP solution, we offer our clients abroad direct access from their computer to the accounting of their subsidiary in China. by utilizing our ERP solution, we enable our clients to access our ERP platform, review and follow up on accounts receivable and accounts payable, authorize sales and purchases, verify inventory and review payments and reimbursement among a wide variety of other functionality.
Our unique proposal offers true collaboration and remote control of an entity in China with an easy, efficient and cost-effective implementation.