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ERP Systems

ERP Systems in China 

Foreign-invested enterprises who scale up their operations in China face several operational challenges as their business processes become more complex. While these companies scale up they outgrow their existing tools and software resulting in difficulties in terms of handling increased sales and a growing workforce while simultaneously encountering limitations in terms of group compliance and data transparency.

An integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system is uniquely designed to facilitate company growth by structuring all internal and external business processes to ready the company for the next phase.


We offer our clients fully integrated ERP China solutions for all their operational needs in China. Our cost-efficient solutions are tailored specifically to the industry of our clients, the business model and -size as well as their reporting requirements.

  • An ERP system primarily improves efficiency and streamlines all business processes enabling different parties, including the headquarter abroad, to closely monitor and follow-up on the activities in China through active collaboration.
  • Cost control and -elimination, more precise forecasting, full data integration and data security, full transparency and control over processes, data and decisions as well as an improved customer service can only be achieved with an integrated ERP.
  • An ERP system can be setup as a standalone China ERP system or alternatively as a localization of our client’s global ERP.

Our ERP Implementation Service Offering

Moore - MS Advisory offers a holistic ERP implementation service to our clients, covering all aspects. We specialize in conducting full ERP Implementation projects from planning over deployment to full on-site implementation and integration into your existing tools. Our ERP service offering is unique because of the following key differentiators:
  • Cloud hosting of ERP solution.
  • Guaranteed international and local live access to your business and data.
  • Possibility of international collaboration, authorizations etc.
  • Cloud accounting and compliance review.

Please contact our ERP implementation specialists for additional information and set up a call to discuss your individual requirements.