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Tax Advisory

The taxation landscape is constantly evolving. In the past years, we have seen a lot of far-reaching changes in finance, taxation, and compliance. For companies in China, the main difficulty in the Chinese market are the efforts related to remain compliant and keeping up with regulatory changes. Additionally, different interpretations might arise between local enforcement of national regulations which add to the difficulty of navigating the Chinese tax system

As the Chinese taxation framework is unique and interpretation may be difficult due to the vast differences with international practices and language barriers, Moore – MS Advisory provides comprehensive taxation advisory and tailored financial services to optimize your company’s tax position and business strategy. Our team combines strong expertise in local legislation and compliance with a thorough understanding of the needs of internationally active companies.
For internationally active companies, it is essential to understand the international taxation impact of their cross-border activities. We empower our clients by bridging local and international differences by providing tax & financial advisory across all continents through the Moore Global Network. As a member of the network, our team works closely with international tax specialists in over 100 countries.

How we support
Our local professionals are dedicated to leverage their knowledge and insights to (pro-actively) provide practical and efficient solutions to your tax & finance related queries. We advise clients on a vast range of topics related to finance and taxation, including:

  • Optimal market entry business structure;
  • Business restructuring;
  • Cross-border transactions;
  • Financing of Chinese subsidiary;
  • International taxation impact;
  • Double Taxation Agreements;
  • Permanent Establishment;
  • Financial and taxation implications of import/export procedures;