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Traditionally, companies hiring employees in China are legally required to establish a WFOE, Representative Office, Branch Office or Subsidiary in China. However, foreign businesses who do not currently own a legal entity in China and are hiring may choose to hire locally in China or send (dispatch) employees to China.

These workers need to be registered with a licensed dispatching company - a China Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) provider - who ensures that the employees are legally registered and contributing in terms of taxation and social security according to their and the companies’ legal requirements.
Our Moore dispatch services provide a solution to enter the Chinese market without the immediate need to invest in - and establish a legal entity in China. This service provides the opportunity for companies to have people on the ground in China for their company, and under their direct control without needing to go through the complete process of setup of a Chinese company.
Our China dispatch service includes easy onboarding and immediate availability of the required personnel on the ground. Together with our legal professional employer organization (PEO) provider, we manage your payroll, insurance, benefits, risk mitigation, tax compliance and ongoing employee support while the client focus on its day-to-day operations.