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HR Management

We understand that your employees at are the core of your company’s success in China. Therefore, it is essential for both the company and the employees that human resources management is well structured in terms of compliance and optimized as much as possible. At Moore – MS Advisory, we support our clients with monthly compliance services, as well as taxation advice and legal support with respect to their workforce.

Employment contracts
To safeguard the interests of your company and of your employees, under China’s Labor Law, it is essential to ensure that your employment contracts are well aligned with the applicable laws and regulations. We support foreign companies in China with the drafting of labor contracts that comply both with the local regulations as well as requirements from the headquarters.
Employee handbook
The employee handbook is a comprehensive document that specifies company regulations in more detail than an employment contract. Having a well-structured employee handbook in both English and Chinese is part of the essential basic documents that an entity in China needs to have in place. It will ensure that the human resources are well structured and safekeep the company from possible further liabilities. Moore – MS Advisory supports foreign companies with drafting of a comprehensive employee handbook that aligns with the company’s values.
Hiring and termination support
When hiring or firing employees, the company must ensure that the company’s interests are well protected. Especially in the case of terminating an employee, it is essential to follow regulations and reach an agreement with the employee regarding the terms of termination. It is key that the termination or severance agreement is well drafted and signed by both parties, to safeguard the company from any future potential litigation. Moore – MS Advisory can support with the drafting of the necessary documents and support in negotiation with employees.
Structuring of employee benefits
Additional to the basic salary, companies may offer other benefits to employees, such as pensions, stock options, insurances or welfare benefits such as housing allowance, travel allowance, or other kinds of secondary benefits. We advise our clients on the tax implications of these benefits for both the employer and employee and how to best structure these in both the Chinese and international context.