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Visa Application

All non-Chinese nationals are required to have relevant documentation in order to work and stay in Mainland China.  To avoid penalties ranging from blacklisting to the closure of the Chinese entity, complying with the relevant immigration regulations and requirements is essential for both the individual and the employing entity.

Prior to entering China, the foreign individual needs to apply for a visa at the Chinese embassy, consulate, or Chinese Visa Application Centre. In order to obtain a working visa and -permit, the individual needs to be sponsored by a company registered locally in Mainland China. He further will be required to work for the sponsoring entity and maintain a professional working relationship with the company.
With our extensive experience in supporting foreign companies and their employees, we offer advice to our clients to obtain different types of employment / work visa applications. These include:

  • Work Visa & Work Permit (Z type): issued to foreigners who are going to work in China full-time or transferring to a new employer within China
  • Business Visa (M type): issued to foreigners visiting China for business purposes ranging from 30 to 120 days with multiple entries
  • Family Visa: issued to immediate family members relocating with an individual working and/or living in China
  • Temporary Residence: issued to foreigners with an employment (work or business) visa
  • Permanent Residency: issued to foreigners applying for a Chinese green card

Our team of experts assists throughout the entire process of the visa and immigration application. We support with pre-application advice to ensure all relevant documents are accurate, process the application, maintain close communication with the immigration bureau and track the application process.