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Other Services

Running a business and operations in China means that new questions and issues may arise on weekly if not daily basis. Our services are structured in a way that we can help our clients on a vast number of additional questions. These include the support on short notice via our CFO services and interim staffing, supporting the quality of our clients' teams via ongoing support and training or safeguarding investors' IP via trademark consulting and registration.

CFO Services
Our professional staff has vast experience in providing CFO services, either ongoing or for a specific time period, to clients who need experienced advice on the financial-, tax-, legal- and compliance side of running their business.
Interim Staffing
When a key position in your company is left unfilled due to illness or unexpected dismissal, or your team simply needs additional manpower, it can be time-consuming to find the perfect candidate. Moore – MS Advisory’s team of experienced certified accounting and tax professionals are available to work onsite or offsite on an interim basis, based on the client’s needs.
At Moore – MS Advisory we understand that your employees are the most crucial element to your company’s success. Therefore, it is essential your staff are equipped with the needed knowledge and experience in their relevant positions, to ensure your business will thrive.
Trademark Registration
In order to protect your brand and associated intellectual property, it is essential to register your company’s trademark in China. Trademark registration in China further gains in importance as the Chinese authorities do not recognize trademarks that are registered in other countries. Therefore, an internationally recognized brand will not be protected in China unless the company applies for a domestic trademark.