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CFO Services

To properly structure your company’s finances and meet regulatory and compliance requirements, strong financial management is key to your business’ success in China. Whether the company requires support from a financial expert during a specific project or a growth phase or is temporarily in need of a CFO due to personnel changes, Moore – MS Advisory’s CFO services are tailored to the client’s requirements. Our CFO services among others support with the following:

  • Provide short- and long-term strategy for the company;
  • Restructuring of financing process;
  • Supporting and/or guiding statutory or internal audit processes;
  • Implementation of ERP systems;
  • Budgeting;
  • Crisis management;
  • Analysis and restructuring of cash flow issues;
  • Facilitating and interpreting financial reporting;
  • Making of cost cuts;
  • Clear and comprehensive communication with headquarter management.
  • Support with finding, hiring and orientation of full-time in-house CFO;

Benefits of CFO Services
As the hiring process of a permanent internal CFO may be time consuming, or the hiring of a local CFO does not make economic sense, our tailormade and comprehensive approach brings several benefits to our clients:

  • Our CFO services are offered for a flexible time period tailored to the client’s needs, whether it is short-term, interim, project based or long-term.
  • Strong experience in managing the finances of foreign invested companies in China.
  • Thorough understanding of both local requirements and common issues for foreign headquarters.
  • Clear communication in numerous languages, including English, German, French, Dutch, Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese.
  • A cost-effective alternative to hiring a new full-time CFO or seconding headquarter personnel.
  • Most importantly, our CFOs can further rely on our senior team which is diverse in experience in all CFO-related ares.