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At Moore – MS Advisory we understand that your employees are the most crucial element to your company’s success. Therefore, it is essential your staff are equipped with the needed knowledge and experience in their relevant positions, to ensure your business will thrive.
Our team provides bilingual (English and Chinese) specialist training based on our extensive industry knowledge and experience to equip your staff with everything required to achieve your goals. We work together with you to identify learning needs and our instructors will design and deliver training to address any knowledge gaps.
Our training offering consists of both individual training, as well as group training:

Individual training
Whether an employee recently onboarded or is transferred from another position, skill gaps may exist to effectively carry out their roles. In cooperation with your company, we will design a training program to address any knowledge gaps. Our experts will train and mentor the employee one-on-one on the company premises to ensure your staff is fully equipped to deal with all challenges that come with their position. After completion of the training, our team can support in a reviewing role for a specified time period to validate the employee’s understanding.
Group training
When your company sets up a new team, changes the operational structure or is affected by a change in regulations, our team of experts provide trainings in a group setting to address learning needs of multiple employees at once. Through presentations and specially designed training exercises our instructors will improve your team’s capabilities.
Common training subjects
We offer trainings related to the following subjects:

  • Group reporting
  • Compliance
  • Accounting
  • ERP systems
  • Taxation
  • Import/export procedures
  • Cross-border financing

Is your need not included in the list above? Reach out to us to find out how we can help.