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Review & Due Diligence

Compliance, Transparency, Avoidance of being defrauded and clear communication are the key issues that every foreign company invested in China faces. We provide all the necessary tools and mechanisms to the foreign investors abroad to maintain full control over their Chinese entity and obtain clear and transparent data and information regarding the business of their subsidiary.

The main tools we offer our clients to achieve transparency and control in China are as follows.

Company reviews
Foreign companies with Chinese subsidiaries and inhouse accounting often depend on periodic review services by a professional financial service provider. At Moore - MS Advisory, we focus on reviewing accounting records, bank transactions, payroll and tax records to ensure compliance.
Our findings are generally shared with key personnel abroad designated by the headquarter. To the subsidiary in China, we offer a direct line of support and answers to questions with the idea that prevention is key to risk management and fraud avoidance.
Due Diligence
Fraud in China can take many forms and can occur in any type of business transaction, perpetrators can be internal- or external actors, commercial companies, or 3rd party agents. Preparation and prevention are the key to success for foreign companies engaging in doing business in China.
Foreign entities rely on professional financial advisors to navigate the large numbers of databases, often not accessible to the general public and where information is available exclusively in Chinese.
Due Diligence should be carried out when:

  • Investing via M&A transactions
  • Negotiating with investors
  • Hiring key personnel
  • Entering into joint production or -distribution models

Corporate Social Credit System
The System of Corporate Social Credit can make or break your business.
It is essential to be informed about your company's current credit rating and to maximize your score.
Our China Corporate Social Credit Services include:
- Company Public Credit Profile Review
- Company Financial Review
- Credit Restoration Services
To learn more about our services with respect to the system, check out our dedicated Corporate Social Credit System services page.