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Due Diligence

Fraud in China can take many forms and can occur in any type of business transaction, perpetrators can be internal- or external actors, commercial companies, or 3rd party agents. Preparation and prevention are the key to success for foreign companies engaging in doing business in China.

Information is usually scattered over different databases and requires oftentimes special authorizations to access. Additionally, public and non-public records, local and national databases, court cases and blacklists are exclusively maintained in Chinese. Contrary to many other countries, in China commercial entities are not required to fully and publicly disclose much of the information that is readily available online in Europe or North America.
Due to the limited possibilities of public actors to access this information, foreign investors require a professional certified service provider to conduct complete and transparent due diligence in China and to legitimize investors, business partners, suppliers and personnel.
When should foreign business in China carry out Due Diligence?

  • Financial Due Diligence
    • Entering into a Joint Venture
    • Investing through merger or acquisition
    • Investing into start-ups
  • Operational Due Diligence
    • Cooperating on manufacturing with a Chinese partner, for producing goods or parts
    • Cooperating on distribution with a Chinese partner of products or parts
    • Licensing trademarks to a Chinese partner
  • Reference checks and 3rd party legitimization of
    • Key personnel
    • Suppliers
    • Key clients
    • Licensees
    • Competitors
  • On-site visits and -inspection