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Establishing A Company in China: A Comparison of China Company Structures

When foreign investors are considering establishing a company in China, deciding on the right market entry vehicle or in other words deciding on the company structure to start operations in China is crucial to understand. The appropriate mode of entry when setting up a legal presence in China depends on multiple parameters, with the intended business activities and industry in China in which a foreign investors wishes to operate being the most important considerations.

The Electronic Business License

All enterprises operating in Mainland China should be officially registered and have a business license. The license is the official proof of incorporation of the company and therefore companies must present the license when handling official company affairs, such as applying for corporate structural changes or other operational procedures with the authorities, tax bureau or the bank.

China's Corporate Income Tax: Everything you need to know

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is generally applicable to all companies in China or those with business activities in China. A sound understanding of China’s Corporate Income Tax framework is essential to ensure full compliance in China. As such, this article discusses all key characteristics of China’s CIT framework, including the classification of taxpayers in China, the CIT calculation method, applicable CIT deductions and exemptions, applicable CIT and preferential CIT rates and withholding CIT rates.

China 2021 Q1 Overview - Continued Growth in Economic Indicators

On the 16th of April 2021, the Chinese government published the quarterly economic data for the first quarter of 2021. Even though the results seem remarkable, the figures are distorted due to the significant downturn experienced in Q1 2020. However, when comparing to the first quarter of 2019 and to the previous quarters, the economy shows continued growth after the downturn experienced in the first half of 2020.

China’s 2021 Government Work Report

The Chinese Government Work Report reviews the government’s accomplishments over the last year and provides further guidance on the government’s social and economic policy direction for the year 2021. As such, the focus of this article is a review of past accomplishments, a discussion on the main targets set out for 2021 and important implications for foreign-invested enterprises in China, and SMEs in particular.

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