China's Corporate Income Tax: Everything you need to know

Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is generally applicable to all companies in China or those with business activities in China. A sound understanding of China’s Corporate Income Tax framework is essential to ensure full compliance in China. As such, this article discusses all key characteristics of China’s CIT framework, including the classification of taxpayers in China, the CIT calculation method, applicable CIT deductions and exemptions, applicable CIT and preferential CIT rates and withholding CIT rates.

China "tax break" principle for expatriates

What does “Tax break” stand for? What does the Individual Income Tax Law (IITL) state in China? What are the underlying rules and practices? 

The “Tax Break” is not an official rule in the Chinese tax authority. It is a common practice based on the understanding of the Individual Income Tax Law (IITL), the Individual Income Tax Implementing Rules (IITIR) and the Caishuizi (1995) issued by the Ministry of Finance (MOF) and the State Administration of Taxation (SAT).