Accounting Services

In China, a company is required to maintain reliable records of accounts and submit tax filings on a monthly basis. In a country with continuous regulatory development, our local team under European management ensures that your business is compliant with the most recent Chinese law and regulations. Through transparent financial reporting we safeguard the foreign investment in the local enterprise.

By introducing optimized financial processes and efficient information management to your organization, we empower our clients to successfully bridge the differences between local and international standards. Good communication is key.​

Monthly services​
We help foreign invested enterprises with their monthly bookkeeping and tax filings, and prepare as well the financial reporting for both the local management and overseas headquarters. We can customize our Financial Reporting based on your requirements.

Our monthly services include:
- General Bookkeeping and Accounting
- Financial Statements
- Tax Services
- Accounting Advisory
- Compliance Management
- ...

Additional services
Your day-to-day operations go further than just accounting and bookkeeping. Especially when managing the Chinese subsidiary from abroad, things such as signing contracts, invoicing and bank management can be difficult to keep full control and transparency over. We offer a range of additional services to give you more control over your Chinese subsidiary, providing full transparency and minimizing risk.

Additional services include:
- Cashier Services
- Custody of Company Chops and Documents
- Fapiao Management
- On-Site Support
- Claiming Export VAT Refund
- ...

Our International Access to Accounting Solution
Using our international solution will provide you real-time access to the following reports and data:
- Balance sheet
- Income statement
- Complete financial entry books
- Full details on individual financial entries
- Totals and balances report
- Accounts receivable/payable aging report
- Fixed assets report
- ...

To learn more about our international access solution, check out our dedicated International Access to Accounting service page.