Corporate Services

As a member of the Moore Global Network, we have supported and advised a wide variety of foreign companies from a wide range of industries with their business in China and Hong Kong.

Our service on these mandates is twofold:
1. Companies looking to expand and set up in China and Hong Kong with the setup of a local entity
2. Corporate Restructuring support for companies already present in China and Hong Kong​

When a foreign enterprise decides to establish a subsidiary in China or Hong Kong, it is crucial to define the appropriate legal structure and detailed business scope of the foreign invested enterprise in order to set the organization up for success, legal compliance and create a sustainable basis for future growth.

Corporate Establishment
Next to assisting with drafting of documents and completion of the application procedures, we also provide advisory and support concerning the structural details of your legal entity. We support with setting up the following legal structures for your subsidiary in China and Hong Kong:
- WFOE | Representative Office | Joint Venture
- Hong Kong Limited

In addition, we also support with other legally required procedures to ensure your subsidiary is fully operational. Including:
- Document Preparation (EN/CN)
- Bank & Tax Registration
- Capital Injection
- Application for additional licenses (i.e. Import/Export License, F&B License etc.)
- ...

If you'd like to know more about setting up a WFOE, you can request our Free WFOE in China White Paper here.

Corporate Restructuring
Due to existing regulations in the Chinese market, any major change to the legal structure of your subsidiary requires extensive preparation of administrative documents and approval by relevant authorities. Because of our extensive experience in dealing with local authorities, we are well-positioned to support with all different types of Corporate Restructuring.

Corporate Restructuring services include among others:
- Changes in Business License & Business Scope
- Change in Articles of Association
- Increase of Registered Capital
- Change of Registered Address
- Removal from Blacklists
- Company Liquidation
- ...

Profit Repatriation
One of the most common challenges for foreign-invested enterprises in China is how to repatriate profits back to overseas.

We support with the following profit repatriation methods:
- Dividend Distribution
- Service Fee Payments
​- Royalty Fee Payments

​If you'd like to know more, you can request our Free Profit Repatriation White Paper here.