Review & Due Diligence

It is crucial for foreign invested enterprises to ensure that they meet the monthly, quarterly and annual compliance requirements to avoid penalties and ensure the continuation of their operations in China. Particularly with the implementation of China's Corporate Social Credit System, compliance of both your Chinese subsidiary and of business partners is more important than ever.

Review & Internal Audit
We are specialized in reviewing both the statutory situation of your Chinese subsidiary as well as its accounting and financial reports, with the aim to further optimize compliance, transparency and efficiency.

Review services offered include:
- Review of company Statutory Situation
- Annual-, Quarterly- and Monthly Compliance Review 
- Improvement of Internal Control Processes
- Internal Audits

Due Diligence
When doing business, it is of utmost importance to know who you're working with. Whether it is a supplier, purchaser or business partner, we conduct internal and external reviews to limit risks for your company.

Due Diligence services include:
- Investor Due Diligence
- Financial Due Diligence
- Fraud Investigations
- Group Consolidation Support

China Corporate Social Credit System
As the Corporate Social Credit System can make your business and most of all break your business, it is essential to be informed about your company's current credit rating and to maximize your score.

Our China Corporate Social Credit Services include:
- Company Public Credit Profile Review
- Company Financial Review
- Credit Restoration Services

To learn more about our services with respect to the system, check out our dedicated Corporate Social Credit System services page.