Tax & Financial Advisory

In the past years, we have seen a lot of far-reaching changes in finance and taxation. Companies in China identify the efforts related to remain compliant and keep up with regulatory change as a main difficulty in the Chinese market.

In 2019, the ongoing regulatory changes included a major overhaul of the country's Individual Income Tax system, and on a corporate level we have seen reforms to the Value Added Tax as well as cuts to China's Corporate Income Tax.​

Bridging International Standards into Local Practices
You have finance- and taxation questions? We provide answers! Our local professionals are dedicated to leverage their knowledge and insights to (pro-actively) provide practical and efficient solution to your tax & finance related queries.

As a member of the Moore Global Network, we empower our clients by bridging local and international differences by providing tax & financial advisory across all continents.

Tax Planning & Filing
As part of our recurring monthly accounting & tax services, we ensure that monthly, quarterly and annual tax deadlines are met.  

​We support with filing and advisory in all major tax categories:
- Corporate Income Tax (CIT)
- Value Added Tax (VAT)
- Surtaxes (City Construction Tax, Education Surcharges and Local Education Surcharges)
- Withholding Taxes
- ...

We further specialize in local, national and international tax planning, where we can provide tailored strategic advice according to the requirements and needs of your company.

Transfer Pricing
Transfer pricing has become a topic of increasing importance for companies all over the world. Although China is not a member of the OECD, they have also followed the recommendations by the OECD and have implemented via ‘Bulletin 42’ in 2016 many rules and regulations in terms of transfer pricing, including the requirements for transfer pricing documentation (when certain thresholds are met).

However, the Chinese tax authorities have used their own interpretation and requirements regarding certain aspects of Transfer Pricing. The Chinese tax authorities pay particular attention to intercompany payments such as service fees and royalty fees.

Within Moore we have qualified professionals who provide you with strategic advice and consultation on transfer pricing.​