Tag: Doing Business in China

June 1, 2023

Automating Your Accounting Processes

Most business owners are taking full advantage of automation capabilities, with advancements in the accounting industry being no exception. From quicker...
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May 22, 2023

All You Need to Know About Registered Capital in China

It is no longer required to follow a set of specified registered capital limits but it is still important to allocate...
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May 19, 2023

A Complete Investment Profile for Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou, as one of China’s major cities, offers a highly favorable environment for foreign companies looking to establish a presence in...
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May 15, 2023

Everything You Need to Know About Free Trade Agreements in China

Expanding business operations globally has never been easier than with the opportunities afforded through technology in today’s times. For businesses looking...
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May 10, 2023

Livestreaming in China: A Look at a Trillion-Dollar Industry

With the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting lockdowns in China, the livestreaming industry experienced great popularity and offered a way for...
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May 4, 2023

Applicable Taxes on Dividends in China for Companies and Individuals

China’s Corporate Income Tax Law regulates taxation for both local and foreign-owned companies. Foreign companies are taxed based on their Chinese-source...
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April 26, 2023

A Complete Guide to Business Licenses in China

Establishing a business in China has, in the past, been difficult for foreign companies due to lengthy and complex bureaucratic processes....
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April 21, 2023

A Complete Investment Profile for Tianjin, China

As China rises as a dominant force in the global economy, more and more investors are pursuing strategic growth opportunities for...
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April 19, 2023

Strong Start for China in 2023: Q1 Shows 4.5% Growth

While China’s growth has been carefully observed over the past few decades, it has been especially placed under the spotlight since...
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April 17, 2023

China Marketing Strategy: Optimizing Social Channels Platforms for Your Business

China has the largest global internet user base, with over 500 million active users. more than double that of the United...
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