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May 12, 2022

China VAT Guide: Everything You Need To Know About China’s VAT System

China’s VAT system is widely considered to be quite a complex system. Over the past few years, it has undergone and...
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July 9, 2019

China’s Recent Tax Reforms and Implications for EU SMEs

China has recently implemented changes and reforms to the Individual Income Tax (IIT), the Value Added Tax (VAT) and Corporate Income...
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April 24, 2019

China VAT reform: the 2019 Value Added Tax reforms

China's VAT reform continued with new Value Added Tax policies, such as lowering of China's VAT rates in 2019, increased scope...
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March 6, 2019

China announces further reductions to the Value Added Tax (VAT): from 16% to 13% and from 10% to 9%

On March 5th, 2019, China announced reductions to the Value Added Tax (VAT). The VAT rates of 16% and 10% will...
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March 3, 2019

What is a Permanent Establishment and what are its Tax Implications?

The Permanent Establishment (PE) is frequently used in double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAs). When a PE is constituted, China levies taxes...
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