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August 18, 2023

All You Need to Know About Working Hours in China

Working hours in China are systematically different from other business cultures. To effectively set up and maintain business operations in China,...
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August 4, 2023

Pitfalls to Avoid When Hiring an Accountant in China

Are you considering starting a business in China or expanding your products and services to the Chinese market? Whether you have...
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July 27, 2023

Which Documents are Important When Hiring Staff in China?

In order to hire employees in China employers must follow certain HR compliance matters. One important question that we frequently get...
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February 16, 2023

How to Hire Foreign Employees in China

China is one of the most sought-after countries for foreign investment because of its enticing policies, competitive labor rates, and market...
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October 28, 2022

8 Important Things to Know About Business Culture in China

When establishing a business in China, understanding the workplace culture and norms observed in the country is just as important as...
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September 15, 2022

Terminating Employees in China: All You Need to Know

Employees in China have certain employment rights when an employer wishes to conduct layoffs, restructure or liquidate a company, according to...
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September 13, 2022

FESCO in China: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreign Companies

In China, a foreign company must have a registered legal entity in the country before it can hire either local or...
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August 17, 2022

China’s Minimum Wages in 2022: All You Need to Know

Whether you are looking for a job in China, thinking of starting a business or simply want to better understand the...
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August 11, 2022

The 6 Best Ways to Hire and Pay Employees in China

Finding a way to hire and pay employees for a business venture in China can be a cumbersome task. Even though...
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June 24, 2022

Hiring an Independent Contractor in China

If you have ever planned on hiring an independent contractor while in China, there are numerous factors you must consider. This...
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