Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Corporate Services

To support our clients to thrive in China, Moore offers a wide range of business support and consulting services. Our team of experts deliver the insights and information required and provide as well pragmatic advice and support to ensure compliant and successful operations of your Chinese subsidiary.

We advise on China market entry, including the type of investment vehicles in China best suited to the specific industry, size and background of our clients. Our support further ranges from legal incorporation in China, local- and international business expansion and profit repatriation. Via our range of corporate services, we guide our clients step by step from company setup in China until ongoing operational support, where we have supported hundreds of foreign companies from a wide range of industries with their business operations in China and Hong Kong.

Our corporate services offering includes:

Corporate Establishment

We support foreign investors who seek to enter or expand their existing business presence in the Chinese market with the setup of a local Chinese entity (including WFOE, Joint Venture, Rep. Office and Branches). Our advice to our clients covers not only legal incorporation of a Chinese entity but also includes support with bank- and tax registrations as well as application for other licenses (i.e. customs license, F&B license etc.) to establish a legal entity in China which is fully functioning and ready for operations.

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Corporate Restructuring

Companies with an existing presence in China and/or Hong Kong may have various reasons to change certain aspects of the company registration or company structure after incorporation. As a full service provide, we support our clients with all changes to their business structure, such as changes in company address, business scope, capital, directors/registered personnel etc. We alleviate the administrative burden by completing the necessary amendment of the company’s statutory record with the relevant government authorities.

Company Liquidation

A variety of reasons may lead foreign investors to conclude that their Chinese subsidiary is no longer within the best interest of the group. However, when the company does decide to close its operations in China, it is essential to follow the proper company deregistration procedure to avoid any impact on the ability of the company to do business with China in the future. Here our team of tax, financial and legal experts support with all aspects of company closure in China.

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Profit Repatriation

The primary objective for the majority of foreign-invested enterprises in China is to earn a return on their investment. However, since repatriating funds out of China is considered a strenuous challenge due to China’s foreign exchange controls it is important for companies with operations in China to develop a sound profit repatriation strategy. We support our clients with all known strategies to repatriate profit out of China, including dividends, service fees, royalties, reimbursements and intercompany loans, where we advise on the tax impact, requirements and procedure of the chosen profit repatriation method.


Brian Blömer
Brian Blömer


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Patrik Dinser, Commercial Director
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Matt Goldstein, Finance Director
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Cibes Lift Group AB

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Manuel Neuhofer, Director of Finance and Administration for ASIA & MENA CIBES Lift Group
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Corporate Services


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